Monday, November 3, 2008

Funny Faces of NC Politics

As I diligently work through my sample ballot and candidate credentials, I can't ignore some of the more distinctive faces of NC politics. If I had nothing else to go by but pictures alone, these candidates would get my vote.

President-Libertarian Bob Barr

This classic pose evokes a Murrow-esque significance. The muted portion of American flag in the back says "I'm serious about small government."

Why I Like Him:
Barr is from Georgia and serves on the board of Privacy International.

US Senate-Libertarian Christopher Cole

While his photo is not as flattering as his presidential counterpart, Christopher Cole's passion for politics is equal. He ran as the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor in 2004. When not campaigning, Christopher is honing his postal skills, e-mailing Bill Shatner and building pinball machines from scratch.

His personal statement says it all:

As the Declaration of Independence says,
'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' are fundamental rights
given us by our Creator, with no need for government permission.
Toward this end, I will seek to abolish the personal income tax, end
the war in Iraq (and pursue a non-interventionist foreign policy), and
oppose government rationing of healthcare.

NC House District 75-Democrat Dan Bennett

Bennett is a true North Carolinian. Born and raised on a tobacco farm in Franklin County, Bennett is a world citizen and one smart ass dude. His mathematics background and understanding of international economics gives North Carolina the tools it needs to compete in this tightening economy.

Don't be fooled by Bennett's trimmed beard and optimistic smile. He doesn't play games.

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George said...

+1 for Cole sporting the rapist glasses.